Divorce Alternatives: The Separation Agreement

Divorce Alternatives: The Separation Agreement

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If you would like become legally separated from your husband or wife, there are two ways to do it. One method is if you and your partner begin a Separation Agreement. To do this, you’re going to require the services of a legal professional, since the binding agreement will have to be drafted with care to ensure that it correctly establishes your goals and is also enforceable should it need to be. The other means of achieving a separation is if you go for a Judgment of Separation. An action of termination will be handled in much the same way style as any action for divorce.

The grounds behind being separated are usually just like the reasons for cases of divorce. Those are cruel treatment, adultery, a failure to give support, desertion and also if one spouse being in jail for a long stretch of time. Although there could be additional factors in your case, a minimum of one of the above grounds must be there.

A lot of couples would like a separation because they have an expectation of solving their problems and do not want to quit their marriage. Many others feel the need to try to get a separation as a primary action in being divorced as they’re lacking any other grounds for obtaining a divorce. Others choose a separation arrangement to be sure one spouse can remain secured on the partner’s medical insurance.

It’s good to keep in mind that a separation agreement is a legal agreement, and virtually any breach of the specified terms might be hammered out in the court. Often, if a spouse doesn’t adhere to the provisions of the contract, fines can be ordered. To be able to enforce a separation agreement, a lawsuit must be submitted and the breach established at a whole trial before a judge. Given that a court hearing is necessary, it might require a while until the case is finished.

If it turns out your case works in your favor, the court can only provide limited help using granting damages. This is among the drawbacks of legal separation rather than a divorce case, but if your initial Agreement contains terms both sides are willing and able to follow, you might not encounter any difficulties. For guidance or assistance with regards to your legal separation, you will want to consult a seasoned divorce attorney.

Alternatives To Divorce

Obtaining a divorce is a stressful and upsetting time for many people, added to the financial requirements and time involved. For these reasons, many married couples are seeking simpler options to divorce.

For relationships that are under stress or going through a bad patch, often the first option for couples who wish to stay together is counseling. Discussing your problems honestly and openly could be beneficial in changing the dynamics of a relationship, which could eventually revitalize the connection between you and your partner and lead to reconciliation.

If the discussion is not working, taking some time apart is another popular option, with a trial separation involving spouses living apart for a set amount of time. While this works for some couples and eventually brings them closer together, others decide that living separately is preferable.

If you and your partner have decided to separate completely, a separation agreement drafted by a solicitor like Divorce Law Authority can formalize the conditions of your separation, such as the division of property and custody of children. The next step is a judicial separation, which can be obtained with court approval, ensuring a fair division of property and responsibilities. This can be preferable to a divorce as pension rights, and religious beliefs will not be affected. However, the costs are similar to that of divorce.

Financial support is offered by the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission, formerly the CSA, who have the right to access and collect what it believes appropriate from your partner’s earnings for the maintenance and upkeep of children.

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